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Everyone Needs a Favorite Poet.

31 May

So this isn’t necessarily funny or controversial, but I believe it wholeheartedly.

I’m so thankful for having discovered my love of poetry. I think poetry is for everyone; though I’m not saying everyone should sit for hours reading books of poetry.

What I’m saying is that people (and musicians- especially pop musicians) don’t spend enough time choosing their words, so finding a person that is careful about the word choice, order and structure of their thoughts is a special thing. And you should probably listen to what they have to say.

My favorite poet is Rumi. I wrote about him when I first discovered him last year, and still find daily inspiration in his words. For those of you who wondered about the phrase I got tattooed on the inside of my arm– here’s the context:

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty

and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study

and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

I just love that. I’m convinced that everyone has some sort of “calling,” “purpose,” “passion,” whatever you want to call it, but I think that if we all took a moment to tap into it and center our lives around the pursuit of it, we’d all be a lot happier. And that ties in to my rant about poetry because I think that finding a poet that you connect to can help you realize things that you hadn’t thought about before.

All that to say- check out some poets. There’s something out there for everyone.

Here’s my list of favorites:

1. Rumi : The Essential Rumi translated by Coleman Barks is my favorite collection.

2. E.E. Cummings: Totally not as cliche as you’re thinking. He’s got WAY more stuff than “i carry your heart.”

3. Sara Teasdale: I heard one of her poems set to music a few years ago and was immediately enthralled.

4. Dr. Seuss: Come on. You can’t go wrong.

And if you want to listen to some awesome, poetic music, check out:

1. Missy Higgins: Try “Falling.”

2. Adele: “Rolling in the Deep”

3. The Weepies: “Be My Thrill”

4. The Lovell Sisters: “You Remain”



Sorry for the lack of humor, guys. I’ll make it up to you next time. 🙂


Cheap Haircuts Look Cheap

26 May

So here we are, friends. The first post of this new blog adventure I’m working on.

I’ve been racking (sp?) my brain to come up with a good first blanket statement post, so I chose one that’s close to my heart. You’ve probably heard me say it, or read when I touched on it in this post. Call me elitist (you probably already do if you read this blog at all) if you want, but unless you want to look like this kid, you should probably heed my warning.

To clarify:

Cheap Haircuts Look Cheap!

I’m not saying there aren’t extenuating circumstances… Or maybe I am. It is a blanket statement, right? I should stick to my premise. I believe that if you want to look like you have a good, expensive haircut, you have to pay for that. More than once, Kit has gotten a haircut in the mall when I was visiting for a weekend and I ended up cutting around his ears with my pocket knife in the next store. It wasn’t pretty. Don’t let that be you. My best advice is to force one of your closest family members, such as a brother, sister, cousin, etc. into the field. That way, they can become your indentured servant, you get a discount on services, and they can start paying you back for all the shit they did to you when you were kids. 🙂 Or that’s my current tactic, anyway.

Come on. Let’s all just be honest. We’ve all been there. That one time you figured “Oh it won’t be that bad” and ended up in the chair of some chain smoker named “Candie” with fried hair that she couldn’t even tell you the natural color of… Yeah, not your most shining moment.

Then think about the last time you went to a high end salon. Or have you? If you haven’t- you must, as soon as possible. I’m convinced it’s the closest thing to heaven on earth. Their entire goal is to make you feel and look as good as possible. They bring you in, have awesome magazines for you to read if you have to wait, offer you coffee, wine, tea, you name it… Then you get a massage while they’re washing your hair and have the complete attention of a person who will listen to you babble on about whatever you want for 45 minutes to an hour. Plus it’s their job to be supportive, too, so you don’t have to worry like when you tell your best friend something and she has an obligation to tell you the truth.

Basically, it’s awesome.

So there. Consider yourselves warned when you feel the urge to pull up to the SuperCuts and get a little trim-trim. I will not feel sorry for you.


25 May

Hello World!

I’ve been thinking about this blog and decided that I need a new format. Something that can apply to all of my posts and bring a general cohesiveness to what I write.

So this is what I’ve decided on. One of my all time favorite things.

Blanket Statements.

If you know me well whatsoever, you’re probably familiar enough to have heard me make up general statments that I love to apply to everything. Some of them are funny, some are ridiculous, and some are just plain true.

From this point on I’m going to choose one (or maybe more, if I’m feeling saucy) blanket statment per post to hopefully enlighten and/or bring laughter to your worlds.

Please keep reading! Hopefully this will be a change for the best. 🙂