Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

16 Apr

Hello, Dear Readers! I’m calling on you for help.

Well, okay. Maybe I should be honest. The real motivation behind this post is the fact that at this moment, my lovely apartment has no power, due to the terrible tornado that hit NC today, and therefore I am holed up in trusty ol’ Barnes & Noble (My ultimate happy place) for a little coffee, electricity, and general community. Because also, my roommate, with whom I’d be at home in the dark, is gone for the weekend (lucky her. unlucky me.), and her little dog is able to see in the dark- therefore doesn’t notice the difference.

Alas, I digress.

So here’s what I’ve decided. I’d like to call on you, in all your vast knowledge and expertise, to help Kit decide where to go to Grad School (and subsequently, where the 2 of us will be moving in 2012- thus my interest in the decision)!!

[Don’t worry, Kit. This is only for fun.]

Here’s the deal. Kit is looking at several universities in different cities (all of which sound AWESOME) and so far I’ve been of little help deciding which one sounds the most awesome. So I’m going to highlight each of the cities on the list with a little pro/con action, and you guys can vote on which you like best.

This post will be dedicated to–

San Diego!!


  • SD boasts 7o miles of beaches on its coast.
  • San Diego Zoo. The.Best.Ever.
  • SEA WORLD is in San Diego.
  • SD is the 7th largest city in the US. (Therefore there must be lots to do, yah?)
  • San Diego is known as having the best climate in the US.
  • If we move there, we can have a Bon Voyage party with signs that say “Go, Diego, Go!” (Yep. Just came up with that. Don’t worry, I know it’s witty.)
  • Legoland is SD’s newest theme park and is located 20 mi. north of downtown SD (This should seal the deal.).
  • On average, San Diegans waste 246 hours in traffic each year.
  • San Diego is the Golf Capital of the World with more golf equipment manufacturing than anywhere.
  • None of the lakes in SD allow swimming (And no one knows why.).
  • Fleas. Apparently the warm climate of SD makes it a “mecca” for them (This is a quote I found, not my own wording.).
  • Nick Cannon lives (or lived, doesn’t really matter) in San Diego. (This puts us at risk for random appearances by Mariah Carey and her butterfly shenanigans.)
  • San Diego spreads over 372 square miles. (LOTS of room for me to get hopelessly lost. Oof.)
Random Fun Facts for consideration:
  1. San Diego was known as the Tuna Capital of the World from the 1930s until the 1970s because more than 40,000 people were employed by the industry.
  2. Fallbrook, located in Northern San Diego County, is the Avocado Capital of the world.
  3. The Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island is the largest wooden structure in the United States.

Okay. Look into these, deliberate, and wait with baited breath to see what the next post has in store!! I’m headed home to check on the little squirrel dog and the status of my electricity. Cross your fingers.

And if you want to check my facts, here ya go: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3


2 Responses to “Oh, The Places We’ll Go!”

  1. Noelle G McLaughlin April 16, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    Add “on an active fault line” to the con list.

  2. Noelle G McLaughlin April 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Actually to be fair, I guess it should be “near an active fault line”.

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