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Big Girl World

5 Feb

Everyone always says at the beginning of blogs after a long pause- “It’s been so long since I posted!” But I assume that those of you who actually read my blog already know that, so I’ll spare you.


This may not be my usual post-yes the rat dogs have still been terrorizing my life, shitting on every surface of the house, but I’ve had a lot (of real things)Β on my mind lately, so I am going to vent a little, and if you’re nosy or interested, feel free to read and/or respond.


I’ve been thinking lately about this idea of independence.

It’s a difficult concept, when you think about it. From the moment we’re born, we rely solely on these 2 (and in some cases, just one) people for EVERYTHING. Clothes, food, shelter, you name it. [I’m learning this part firsthand, now that there’s a newborn that I’m responsible for, 8 hours a day.]

But then, all the sudden, at the time deemed socially acceptable (generally around college graduation), you’re just supposed to magically break all ties, yet remain close. So, all of the decisions that you would have once asked permission or advice about, you want to/are expected make yourself. You need the space, but it’s so hard! You’re out there on your own, not exactly sure what the hell you’re doing… Your parents don’t know how to react, because they’ve been sheltering you, trying to guard you from pain your entire life…

So, my question is, what do you do?


How do you assert independence, and keep your parents close to you? How do you handle situations where they don’t agree with your decisions? Do you discuss it with them, to spare their feelings, or do you assert yourself by making the decision on your own and letting them deal with their emotions regarding the situation?

Even as a woman who’s always had a great relationship with her parents, I’ve been surprised at how difficult this transition is. Some days, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Like today.