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8 Dec

I love trashy tv.

I mean, honestly. There’s nothing really worthwhile on during the day while Jackson is sleeping, so I’ve decided to make the best of my situation by searching out the most entertaining of shows. And I’m here to give you a run-down, so the next time you find yourself bored in the middle of the day, you’ll be able to find something to watch.

1. My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

First off, I should warn you that most of these shows are wedding related. I don’t know what the problem is with America these days, but it seems that everyone is getting married. Therefore, they need MILLIONS of shows about it. This show, in particular, though, is awesome because all of the brides on this show have a ridiculous theme in mind, and then David comes in and saves the day. And by ridiculous, I mean, a swamp themed wedding, a butterfly themed wedding, “Pirates of the Caribbean” wedding… You get the picture. I wish I could find before & after pictures. Instead, I will paste a quote I found on David Tutera’s blog about the show.

Every bride imagines their wedding to be held in an elegant beautiful venue, except for Courtney of course! She wanted a swamp themed wedding. Say what?! You read correctly, a swamp themed wedding and all that goes with it, right down to the lily pad and crickets. Not to mention her favorite animal is a frog, and she absolutely HAD to have frogs at her wedding. When I met Courtney, the theme seemed bizarre at first, and I thought there was genuinely no way a bride could have wanted all of these things. I thought I was being punk’d by the casting people and that they were trying to set something up. Just wait, the story gets even better. Not only was I not being punk’d, but the bride had no idea I was even coming! She didn’t even submit herself for My Fair Wedding, but we found out her aunt did. So Courtney, was in fact, extremely sincere with these swamp filled ideas and in no way had any intentions of budging and letting me help with any creative aspect. Her bouquet was an array of cattails and different grasses, which would scare any critter crawling through the swamp. This was not a mess, this was something right out of the swamps! But with every idea that seems awkward at first, there are always a few lightning bugs here and there to brighten it up.

Also, imagine the entire show narrated in the above format. Pure awesome.



2. The Millionaire Matchmaker

Now this one, I love. Patti is this Jewish woman living in LA who is a self-proclaimed 3rd generation matchmaker. So, like any other self respecting entrepreneur in LA, she created a club where millionaires can join and she will match them with their soulmate. The best part about it is that she’s SO pushy. She holds these casting calls for girls (or guys) to come in and sort of “audition” for a space to come to a mixer and possibly be chosen by the millionaire. When they’re there, she tears them apart. She tells all the girls they have to have their hair professionally blown out and straight and wear flashy dresses and heels. She always ends up doing some sort of makeover on the men, so they look “more LA.” And then you get to watch the drama when you have really stupid, immature men try to date cute women, or vice versa. Or the millionaire ladies that she’s had on there always end up being super bitchy and leaving their dates early. But boy, is it fun to watch.

3. Bridalplasty

I actually just found this show today and was totally blown away. It is the EPITOME of trashy tv and wedding shows. 15 brides move into a mansion hoping to win challenges and ultimately win a dream wedding AND as much plastic surgery as their tiny, greedy hearts desire. It’s like The Real World meets Platinum Weddings meets The Swan (anyone remember that show? Where the women got so much plastic surgery that you couldn’t recognize them anymore? Also one of my trashy favs). It’s absurd. The real question is what their fiancee’s were thinking by letting them go on the show in the first place.

4. The A-List

This is a show on LOGO about a bunch of gay guys who all have (self identified) “A-list” jobs and their relationships, friendships, etc. It’s sort of “Real Gays of WhateverCityTheyLiveIn.” And you know how I love the gays.

5. Secret Lives of Women

I found this little gem on the women’s network… Basically you see the stories of four women who seem normal on the outside but have weird secrets. One was women addicted to plastic surgery (which isn’t really that weird- although all of the women on the show were definitely weird), one was a woman who was a dominatrix at night (and UGLY, if we’re being honest), one woman was a normal stay at home mom addicted to painkillers (she did a lot of napping), you name it- it’s on there. It boosts my ego because no matter how weird I am (I mean, I do watch trashy tv), they’ve still got me beat.

Hope this entertained you. Go ahead, judge me. Just know that when you secretly turn on your tv, I am judging you. Haha.