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20 Sep






Insatiable desire.

Inexplicable peace.

Om Shanti Shanti.

Respect things you don’t understand.

Love people who don’t deserve it.

Open your ears and close your mouth.

Don’t assume.

Don’t judge.

Don’t judge.

Don’t judge.

A tree on a mountain.

A child playing in a meadow.

A helping hand.

Music that makes you dance.

The same ocean meets the shores of Mexico,




Need is universal.

Pleasure is universal.

People are universal.

God is universal.

Not He.

Not She.

But not It, either.









People, Pops, and Leopard Print.

14 Sep

I was just sitting here on my couch racking my brain for some sort of productive activity that didn’t include addressing the dusting that needs to be done or the pile of dishes in the sink. Then, to my obvious excitement, I realized that I haven’t graced the internet with my wit and wisdom in quite a while. Unless you count my latest poetry, which is neither witty or terribly wise.

So, for all of you interested (and not interested, I suppose), here are the updates:

First of all, the RD’s are still JUST as annoying as ever. I stepped in poop on Monday morning, on the rug in the bathroom, right after arriving at work at 7:30 am. Yes, that’s right- INSIDE. Good Morning to you too, Pacha.

I’ve just started reading a book called “An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life,” by the Dalai Lama. I’m loving all the simple things he has to say that would be radical if we all implemented them into our lives. I don’t necessarily plan on practicing compassion with the “dogs,” but it’s good practice with people, anyway. 🙂 I’m only through the introduction and chapter 1, so I’ll keep you posted.

I am LOVING that fall is finally upon us. Now, if I could just superimpose some mountains into the Raleigh skyline, I’d be making some progress.

Here’s the latest story:

On Sunday night, Leah & I left our apartment!! You know it had to be a special occasion for such nonsense. What was the occasion, you ask? The North Carolina Symphony put on a FREE pops concert in the new Raleigh Amphitheater!

I’m always amazed at the types of people that free events draw, and always excited to bring you my observations about humanity, so I payed close attention.

We sat down behind some people that were relatively close to our age: 2 girls (one of whom had 5 or 6 gauge earrings in each ear, a lip ring, a rainbow colored owl tattoo on her shoulder, and blue hair), a guy named Matt who looked like Wolverine (I only know his name was Matt because he awkwardly [and LOUDLY] introduced himself to the entire row while scooting past them to his seat), and another guy (who came in with Wolf boy) wearing socks and sandals.

Then, there was a quiet, unassuming lady sitting beside us, reading Eat, Pray, Love (I mean, who isn’t?) before the concert began.

Just in front and to the right of us were two older women that Leah labeled as “Us in 50 years.”

Then, there was the lady behind us. Our first encounter was when I turned around to admire the AWESOME tree on the convention center [pictured below]. I’ve decided it’s my favorite thing in the city.

Leah & I were discussing the fact that I thought it was a computer screen projecting a tree, but really, it’s tiny silver & black squares that flutter in the wind, so it looks like it’s moving. Our lovely neighbor chimed in that they shine different colored lights on it, but the image doesn’t change. Okay, good chat. Nice to meet you. Your presence is noted. [Back to that story in a minute]

Then, in strolls a woman, easily in her 50s, wearing a long sleeved, slightly too snug, sheer leopard print top and light wash stretch jeans. Don’t worry though, she was also wearing a leopard print bra, so it gave that camouflage affect… You know, like the hunters who wear their camo jackets in WalMart & you can still see them? It was like that.

So as Leah & I are giggling to each other about this lady’s obvious fashion confusion, Leah looks up and notes that our future selves (still seated in front of us) are also giving her disapproving looks. Guess there’s no help for us.

The concert begins and the music is wonderful. It was a “Pops” concert, so they performed popular classical music, in addition to Broadway and some movie music. They played a Haydn overture first, then Pomp & Circumstance (which actually has some cool parts, aside from the obvious part that we all know), then a few spanish pieces, 2 of which sounded familiar. Sometime in the middle of the spanish pieces, I noticed a strange sound coming from behind us.

The woman behind us was HUMMING the melody (and sometimes the harmony, depending which pitch was the highest/easiest to pick out) throughout EVERY PIECE. It was obvious that she didn’t actually know the music, though, because she was half a beat behind on each entrance and would slide between pitches, waiting to hear what the next note would be. We couldn’t decide whether she was simply enjoying herself so much that she couldn’t contain her response, or if she wanted everyone to think she knew them all. Either way, it kept me equal parts annoyed and amused for the next hour.

The rest of the people were pretty normal, or at least expected; the families with young children, all of whom had icecream and then proceeded to run down the aisles and be chased by their parents in that awkward run/walk with the stage whisper, “Sophie! Stop! Come her right now!” (I saw my future flash before me eyes…). There were the little old couples that clearly came to all symphony concerts and the benefactors who had reserved seating… The only remaining interesting person was the lady at the end of the row behind us looking like a creeper leaning across her husband with her cell phone trying to videotape the little children dancing in the aisle. Maybe they were related?

All in all, it was a beautiful evening. Great music, people watching, and funny stories. Done and done.


8 Sep

Like a stone tossed into the pond,

So you send ripples through my being.

Your movements reverberate within me,

Bringing hope and comfort.

Are you the stone, or are you the pond itself?

I feel you in the crystal waves washing over me.

I see you in the sunlight reflecting off your surface.

I hear you in the music of droplets.

Oh to be a fish,

Immersed in you,

Inhaling you, breathing you in.

This is where I belong.

Enveloped in you, I feel I may

Burst with the energy of love.

Don’t remove me from my home;

I’ll cease to exist.

Life means nothing to a fish removed from water.