Who Even Knows?

23 Jun

I hate getting gas. I always have. Tonight is a prime example of the ridiculous reasons as to why I hate it.

For one, the little door on my gas tank gets stuck sometimes, so that when I pull the lever inside my car, nothing happens. Of course, that happened tonight. After about 5 minutes of fiddling with it, I called my dad to ask him how he helped me fix it last time, and after 5 more minutes on the phone, was instructed to ask someone to press on the door to help it engage, and therefore unlock.

I asked the guy at the next pump to help me, and he graciously agreed. I tossed my credit card into my car in order to walk over to him and ask, and when we both walked back to my car, I pulled the lever while he fiddled with the door, and a minute later, it popped open.

I leaned back into my car to grab my card, to pay for my gas, and guess what? Yep, it’s gone. So naturally, I begin methodically searching the car. I lean the seats forward and backward. I check under all of the mats, in between the seats, between the seats & the console, in the glove box (who knows why I thought it could’ve been in there), down INSIDE the emergency break (which by the way, I would not advise sticking your hand all the way down inside. I got it semi-stuck while I was driving and had a tiny panic attack.).Β  I looked under the car, around the pump. Everywhere. As I was walking around looking like a dumbass, the man who had pulled up to the closest pump during my whole ordeal asked what happened & also helped me look.

Finally, after 15 minutes of searching, I gave up. The only problem with this is that A) I didn’t find my card, B) I have no gas, and C) Even when I do find my card (which I’m assuming will happen eventually), the door will still be stuck, so I’ll have to start the whole process over again.

How do these things happen to me?


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