“The Other Day” = Any Day but Today.

13 Jun

So, you know how I’ve said that Pacha is the dominant one of the relationship between the rodents of unusual size?

Well the other day, a bear came to visit. I say bear because this thing could not have been a dog. Then again, considering the size of the little rats, I suppose he could’ve seemed bigger than he really was, but this is neither here nor there.

Vespa, channeling all of his masculine energy, tried to defend his territory from this intruder, and surprisingly enough, succeeded. (Well, sort of). I’m pretty sure the only reason he succeeded was the nonchalance of our visitor (who, I might add, seemed very well behaved and good natured), not the fear he instilled.

I, of course, watched with amusement for a few minutes before realizing the opportunity that was presenting itself, and then ran inside to grab Charlie to document, for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Here you will note Vespa’s wide leg stance, as he tries to assert his masculinity (we’re using that term broadly). Also notice BearDog’s grin and general amusement at the little monster.

I’m not sure whether Vespa is trying to leap onto BearDog, or whether BearDog is head-butting Vespa, but either way- this is, from Vespa’s perspective, the equivalent of girls attempting to pull each other’s hair out. Well, maybe it’s more like your little sister trying to pull your hair out, before she was old enough for it to hurt.

I probably shouldn’t post this picture, because it’s emasculating, but then again- V never really had a chance at masculinity, so I suppose the damage can’t be that great. Here, Vespa attempts to mount BearDog- in his last attempt to assert himself as dominant. Clearly, it was less than successful.

Alas, what can you say for a 15 lb rat vs a 70+ lb Bear?

That’s right, folks:

Only you can prevent wild fires!


One Response to ““The Other Day” = Any Day but Today.”

  1. Leah June 14, 2010 at 10:28 am #


    Photo #1: Bear dog looks like he wants to make friends with the RD (rookie move).

    Photo #2: I can tell you what bear dog is doing and it is NOT headbutting. He is trying to sniff Vespa where it counts!

    Hahaha poor RD!

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