Kitchen Shenanigans.

27 May

Have I mentioned that my employers have a kitchen appliance disease? It seems that they attract the most terrible appliances, and have bizarre problems with them. Por ejemplo: The dishwasher. “Quick Wash” has a cycle time that shows as 28 minutes. Okay, that’s pretty quick. But it counts down to 1 minute remaining, and stays that way for 2 hours. No, I’m not exaggerating this time. Um, what else. The coffee pot pours all over the counter when you try to pour a cup, no matter how slowly you pour. The microwave caught fire for no particular reason one day, and had to be replaced. The dryer takes at least 2 (most of the time 3) cycles to dry clothes, even if you set it on “heavy duty.” The oven is secretly a monster that I’m convinced is alive, and as long as it’s actually cooking something, works fine, but then when it stops & you turn it off, it starts beeping. Incessantly. And no matter what you do, it won’t stop until you flip the breaker.

All of these things, combined with the aforementioned constant disarray of their kitchen, make today’s story what it is.

Julie’s parents are coming into town tomorrow, and I offered to make some pasta salad & a chocolate cake for their arrival. I love to bake & cook, so this seemed like a good idea, considering that Jackson naps for hours on end.

I decided that my plan of action would be to start the cake, then make the pasta salad, and then make the icing/ice the cake after finishing the pasta salad. I got all of the ingredients out for the cake, and realized that I had only 2 of the 3 required eggs for the recipe.

This is ironic for several reasons, theΒ  main being that Julie doesn’t check the items in her kitchen before she sends me to the grocery store. This morning, I had already gone to the grocery, but eggs weren’t on the list, so I didn’t buy them. I did, however, buy whole wheat rotini, frozen waffles, and butter of which there now are 5, 4, and 8 boxes/sticks, respectively.

In lieu of the missing egg, I planned to put a mixture of water, oil, & baking powder (a substitute I found online). When I went to measure out the tea & tablespoons needed, I found that they have 1 small measuring cup. That’s all. No teaspoons, no 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 anything. (Also, unless I’m crazy- they don’t have a colander. How on earth do you drain pasta with no colander?!) I measured with an actual TABLE spoon that you put on the TABLE, and continued.

Soon, it was time to mix the ingredients together. I went to the drawer where I know she keeps the beater attachments, and found 4 of them, 1 larger set, and 1 smaller set. Then I set out to find the mixing handle/mechanism. I checked the close cabinets, the far ones, the top ones, the low ones…. it was no where to be found. I continued my search, assuming that they didn’t have it (who’d be surprised?!), when I located it- sitting on the tea saucers of their fine china (again, who’s surprised?). Then, to my utter shock (sarcasm), when I went to fit the beaters into it, I found that the set that fit was the set of which one of the beaters was broken.

So, I beat the cake ingredients together by hand, and then, ALSO made homemade icing for the cake, somehow managing to beat an entire box of powdered sugar down into 1 stick of butter and a little buttermilk, with only a whisk. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of that feat.

Now, the dry cleaning is sent off, 2 loads of laundry are done, the dishes are clean and put away, and there’s a beautiful cake, a yummy looking pasta salad, a clean kitchen, and a happy baby. All in a day’s work.


2 Responses to “Kitchen Shenanigans.”

  1. Meredith May 28, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    And that’s why you’re a real actual supernanny πŸ˜‰

  2. Tommy June 3, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    haha love it. this is too funny πŸ™‚

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