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31 Mar

Well, first off,


Considering I have 2 faithful readers, and you both are aware of this, I don’t need to specify it here, but I’m excited (sort of), so I thought I’d share. If only I could get my parents to bring my furniture, I’d really be in business. Hrmph.

In other, more exciting, possibly unknown news:

“STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE” now has posters.

Don’t be embarrassed! Go ahead and applaud! I did!

Below, I am posting some of my favorites. Feel free to purchase any and all for subsequent holidays. (Easter is this weekend!Β  Then there’s 4th of July, my 1/2 Birthday… They’re only $10 a piece, so go to town!)

Kit Powell

If you would like to purchase said posters, Click Here.

And, if by some tragedy, you’re unfamiliar with “Stuff White People Like,” and need a good laugh- there’s a link on the right hand side of my blog, under “Things I Like.”



Photo of the Day:

30 Mar

I call this Marimba D’amore. πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day:

25 Mar

I call this one “GQ Jackson.”