RD is the abbreviation for Rat Dog.

27 Feb

As per usual, Vespa & Pacha have been terrorizing my life this week. First, Pacha ate my freshly toasted Rosemary Olive Oil bagel (that I’d bought from Bruegger’s only an hour before, and had already cream cheesed). If you only knew my love affair with bagels (and carbs in general), you would understand the graveness of this.

Then, the two of them have tug of wars with MY COAT and Jackson’s toys.

Then there’s Pacha eating my bread that fell off the shelf in the pantry.

It’s a daily battle.

I thought since they are such a huge part of my daily life, I should post a picture so all of my faithful readers could have a better idea of how gross they are. So I sniped this one today.

The grey one is Vespa (obviously, because he’s the one in his own personal SNUGGIE, because of his body temperature “problem”). The brown one (that is outside the snuggie) is Pacha. She is cowering because I made eye contact with her, and she is now aware of who is really in control.

More later, I’m sure. Now it’s back to “The King and I” with Leah. We’re so cool. (Story of tonight’s Blockbuster run coming soon.)


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