Well, She’s officially Eighteen now.

17 Feb

Since my post yesterday was, let’s say, less than enjoyable, I figured I’d update you on how the craziness that was Ashelyn’s sweet 18th birthday party.

Pictured above is the front door of my parents house, flanked on either side by the Hollywood hills, and the walk of fame (each star had the name of one of the guests- Ashelyn’s being the last one before the red carpet begins).

Here is the logo that I worked so hard on, covering the french doors in the living room to create the perfect space in which to pose for pictures. (Although you can’t really see well, there is also a huge poster size picture of her covering the fireplace to the right)

And here’s the birthday girl herself! (Please note the pizza roll she’s holding in her right hand. Ha.) How cute is the dress I picked out?!

And here are both of my lovely sisters. 🙂

And my precious parents.

The party ended up going well, although there was definitely some drama in the hours preceding the party. Ashelyn went out with her best friend, Marianne, while my parents and sister decorated the house.  This was a great plan until I got a phone call from Meredith, who happened to mention that Marianne had to go to work at 4, and Ashelyn was just going to go home, at which point my parents would say “Surprise! We’re throwing you a party in 3 hours!” Needless to say, this is not how I envisioned this party happening. So, while I shopped at J.Crew in Asheville (3 hours away from the madness), I spent an hour calling all different people making a new plan so that Ashelyn would be occupied until the time of the party and it could be a surprise, the way it’s supposed to be. Whew. It was a close one, but as you can see, it all worked out in the end.

Oh, also: My parents got her a car for her birthday, and wanted to surprise her with that as well. Therefore, they took the battery out of her car while she was at school and then when she called them for help, drove up in her new car and offered her the keys. My mom videoed the whole thing, so here’s a link to it, for your viewing pleasure.


My favorite part is the jumper cables laying on the ground beside the car, when clearly there is no battery in the car.


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