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RD is the abbreviation for Rat Dog.

27 Feb

As per usual, Vespa & Pacha have been terrorizing my life this week. First, Pacha ate my freshly toasted Rosemary Olive Oil bagel (that I’d bought from Bruegger’s only an hour before, and had already cream cheesed). If you only knew my love affair with bagels (and carbs in general), you would understand the graveness of this.

Then, the two of them have tug of wars with MY COAT and Jackson’s toys.

Then there’s Pacha eating my bread that fell off the shelf in the pantry.

It’s a daily battle.

I thought since they are such a huge part of my daily life, I should post a picture so all of my faithful readers could have a better idea of how gross they are. So I sniped this one today.

The grey one is Vespa (obviously, because he’s the one in his own personal SNUGGIE, because of his body temperature “problem”). The brown one (that is outside the snuggie) is Pacha. She is cowering because I made eye contact with her, and she is now aware of who is really in control.

More later, I’m sure. Now it’s back to “The King and I” with Leah. We’re so cool. (Story of tonight’s Blockbuster run coming soon.)


Well, She’s officially Eighteen now.

17 Feb

Since my post yesterday was, let’s say, less than enjoyable, I figured I’d update you on how the craziness that was Ashelyn’s sweet 18th birthday party.

Pictured above is the front door of my parents house, flanked on either side by the Hollywood hills, and the walk of fame (each star had the name of one of the guests- Ashelyn’s being the last one before the red carpet begins).

Here is the logo that I worked so hard on, covering the french doors in the living room to create the perfect space in which to pose for pictures. (Although you can’t really see well, there is also a huge poster size picture of her covering the fireplace to the right)

And here’s the birthday girl herself! (Please note the pizza roll she’s holding in her right hand. Ha.) How cute is the dress I picked out?!

And here are both of my lovely sisters. πŸ™‚

And my precious parents.

The party ended up going well, although there was definitely some drama in the hours preceding the party. Ashelyn went out with her best friend, Marianne, while my parents and sister decorated the house.Β  This was a great plan until I got a phone call from Meredith, who happened to mention that Marianne had to go to work at 4, and Ashelyn was just going to go home, at which point my parents would say “Surprise! We’re throwing you a party in 3 hours!” Needless to say, this is not how I envisioned this party happening. So, while I shopped at J.Crew in Asheville (3 hours away from the madness), I spent an hour calling all different people making a new plan so that Ashelyn would be occupied until the time of the party and it could be a surprise, the way it’s supposed to be. Whew. It was a close one, but as you can see, it all worked out in the end.

Oh, also: My parents got her a car for her birthday, and wanted to surprise her with that as well. Therefore, they took the battery out of her car while she was at school and then when she called them for help, drove up in her new car and offered her the keys. My mom videoed the whole thing, so here’s a link to it, for your viewing pleasure.


My favorite part is the jumper cables laying on the ground beside the car, when clearly there is no battery in the car.

You call me a mountain, and I call you the sea…

16 Feb

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I’m homesick.

I learned in college that “home” isn’t as much a place as it is people. And I’m realizing that I am definitely homesick lately. I absolutely love my life, don’t get me wrong. I love living in Raleigh, I LOVE my job, I love living with Leah, etc. But damn facebook keeps showing me what all of the other people in my life are doing, and it’s hard being the one that’s gone.

I know I’m where I need to be. But at the same time, it’s sad. I think with all the stress of graduating and moving out, applying and interviewing for jobs (and getting one!), the holidays, etc… It’s taken a while for me to get settled in enough to step back and realize what I left.

I loved college. I feel more at home in Asheville than anywhere in the world. The mountains call to a deep part of me that I don’t even understand. Maybe it’s because I had the most important transition years of my life (so far) there.

I miss being able to always have someone to call and eat a meal with. I miss Scott singing outside my window, and Sarah showing up in my room unannounced. I miss having a bad day and being able to go down to Todd’s office and vent. I miss knowing that Kit was within walking distance at any point in the day. I miss going to yoga with Amy and watching Chelsea Lately with Kasey, Kayla, & Katie. I miss Todd Allen and his rum & cokes and our grocery store runs. I miss the Waffle House at 2am. I miss walking up 96 stairs every day and the sense of accomplishment and relief I felt when I finally got to Brown. I miss the way Mars Hill looks in the spring with the gorgeous flowers. I miss Beaver Lake and Barnes & Noble when I needed to escape. I miss the practice rooms that I didn’t take full advantage of, and I miss band practice with Audrey & the Peter Punk Kids. I miss family dinners. I miss trips to Asheville to go to Target & sushi dates with my favorite people. I miss Mary Kate’s stories in choir and getting dirty looks for talking to each other too much. I miss picking the raisins out of my granola in the caf every day & Scott getting so upset when Kit didn’t get anything to drink.

Now, I’m on to a new place, new people, new home… and it’s so much harder than the first time. The day I moved in to MHC, I was whisked away to a cabin in BFE with no cell phone service for 3 days with people who would become my family for the next 4 years. There was really no “seeking out” of community- I was thrown into it.

Raleigh’s a huge city where I’m surrounded by people, but the person here who probably knows the most about my daily life is a 4 month old little boy. My immediate community consists of my roommate, the family I nanny for, and the few friends I have in the area (all of whom are busy, & engaged in their own communities).

I guess I’m just feeling a little lost. I need somewhere to connect, but I haven’t found a church yet, and am gone most weekends anyway. I’m trapped by my lack of small talk ability, so I find it hard to strike up conversations with people (at the Y, for instance).

I know, I’m basically just complaining- but everyone needs their outlet sometimes. I’m not so much looking for advice or even someone to listen, I think I just needed to get it off my chest.

And are we there yet? And are we there yet? And are we there yet? Home, home home…