Her Super Sweet Eighteen?

26 Jan

So my sister’s turning 18 next week.

How to begin describing Ashelyn… Hmm…

Let’s just say she has a flair for the dramatic. And by flair, I mean more like a huge neon sign blinking & pointing to her head shouting to passersby, “Hey girl, HAAYYYY!”

She is absolutely one of my favorite people in the entire world, but we have little in common when it comes to things like this. My ideal birthday would be one spent with my best friends and family hanging out at my house or a cozy coffeehouse.

Let me give you a breakdown of the extravaganza that is being put on for Ashelyn’s 18th.

I suppose I should preface this by mentioning that apparently (unbeknown to everyone else) she has dreamed of someone throwing her a surprise party for her entire earthly existence. When presented with this knowledge, I did the only thing any self respecting older sister could do: I called my parents and told them they should throw her one.

Seems like the problem would solve itself, right? She calls me, tells me how she’s always wanted a surprise party, I tell our parents, they throw her one, and everyone is happy.

No way. It couldn’t possibly be that easy.

Enter: Dramatic Flair.

Ashelyn decides that since no one is throwing her a surprise party (an assumption on a fact that she couldn’t possibly know, in the first place), she should start planning her own party. She chooses a “Red Carpet Theme” and decides that she and all of her friends are going to dress up (as in semi-formal cocktail dresses & suits/tuxedos), walk the red carpet (no one knows where this illusive red carpet is being procured), pose for pictures, and then watch a movie (in some other magical location that isn’t a movie theater).

Needless to say, this isn’t exactly “doable.”

So I talk to my mom again (who is in a frenzy trying to figure out how to put on a party that is over the top yet cost effective and will meet all of these prerequisites) and we put together a party idea that resembles Ashelyn’s idea, while keeping the surprise element, and is also cost effective.

At this point (yesterday, early afternoon), I’m feeling pretty good about myself. In fact, I’m thinking I’m somewhat of a magician.


Since my mom works at a school, she’s going to get a bunch of red bulletin board paper (yes, I know, it’s not carpet… But what can you possibly expect??), and line the hallway and foyer of the house. Then, she’s going to cover the front door with another sheet of paper, which will then be tiled with this logo that I took way too much time designing yesterday:

So the affect will be something like the backdrop of an awards ceremony where they can stroll down the hallway, stop in front of the backdrop, and pose for pictures. I figured there could be music playing, mom with her huge camera, etc.

Ashelyn’s best friend, Marianne, has her birthday on Friday, so we figure she can suggest the 2 of them dressing up and going to dinner, then instead, go back to the house, where all of Ashelyn’s friends will be dressed and waiting for her arrival.

Other details such as a cake designed to look like a star on the walk of fame with Ashelyn’s name on it, punch served in martini glasses, and she, along with all of her friends going out for dessert at a fancy restaurant makes for a pretty solid party idea, in my opinion.

Then there’s more drama.

Just when I think we have things under control, something always happens and everyone freaks out. Last night (only a few hours after the plan was finalized & I’d spent multiple hours working on details), I call my mom, who answers cryptically & will only say “yes” and “no” answers. This is never a good sign. Once she walks into another room and is able to speak freely, she relays the story of what just happened. It went something like this:

Ashelyn: “Well, ok. This is what I’m thinking for my birthday party. [Insert long monologue about dresses, red carpet, movie, etc.]”

Mom: “Um, okay. Where do you plan on having this party?”

Ashelyn: “Ugh, Mom. I don’t know. Just somewhere.”

Mom: “Well, are you thinking someplace like a movie theater? Because that seems expensive to pay for everyone’s movie ticket.”

Ashelyn: “No, Mom. That’s dumb. We’ll go somewhere with a projector screen.”

Mom: “Do you know a place that has one?”

Ashelyn: “Ugh! Mom! No. Aren’t there places that just have them??”

Mom: “Um, I don’t really think so… Would you consider doing something here at the house?”

Cardinal Rule #1 of Surprise Party Planning: NEVER mention any detail of a party that in any way resembles the ACTUAL plan for the party you’re planning to throw. (For reasoning behind this rule, continue reading.)

Ashelyn: “Mom! Ohmygod. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What do you think we’re gonna do, walk down the hall and then sit on the couch and watch a movie? That is so stupid. Ugh. [She storms off]”

Enter: Freak out #2.

She basically described the party we spent all afternoon planning, and said that it was stupid and ridiculous.

That’s all the info I have for now. I told Mom to just calm down and we’ll figure something out. Just like everything else, this will most definitely be interesting.

In other news, Pacha tried to eat my lunch yesterday. Stupid little rat.


2 Responses to “Her Super Sweet Eighteen?”

  1. Kit Powell January 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    Cardinal Rule #2 of Surprise Party Planning: Don’t post all your secret dealings online! I sure hope Ashelyn doesn’t read this. In other news, you should punt Poncho or whatever that thing’s name is. : )

  2. Leah January 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    I like your layout with your new PICTURE!!! This party is OUT of control. My prom dress is not going to cut it – I can tell. I may have to bust out one of the BM dresses… shiney brown cocktail attire? Yes.

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